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DIY Framing

FAQ 1 - What is the router service?

For an easy joining solution to assemble your chop service, choose our new router service, watch this tutorial video for more information: Click here


FAQ 2 - How do I cut a Mount?

There are a number of tools available to cut mounts, they range from simple hand held cutters up to complex computerised macines.  Cutting your own mounts is not difficult but is made easy by using a mount cutting system with the cutter running along a rail.  The Logan products that we sell are very good quality and great value.  There are cutters for all levels of work, from light usage up to commercial work.

There are Information sheets available from the Support Section.   All of this content is free to use but for some of the articles you will need to register.


FAQ 3 - How do I mount an image using the hinging method?

To Mount an Image Using the Hinge Method - watch our tutorial video on the hinge method: Click here


FAQ 4 - How do I frame a photograph?

If you are just starting to consider mounting and framing photographs there is plenty of information about the various techniques in our Support section.  All of this content is free to use but for some of the articles you will need to register.

None of the skills involved is beyond any reasonable practical person, however it is much easier to learn if you do a course.  The UK School of Framing runs a course specifically for people wanting to frame flat art and photography: Click here for our courses


FAQ 5 - What is conservation framing?

Conservation framing ensures that no acid-bearing materials touch your work, so it's great for heirloom pieces of stitching or ones that have great sentimental value. This type of framing also protects your work from damaging UV light, insects, humidity and pollution.


FAQ 6 - Where can I find the handy hint sheets?

While we transition from the old to the new site, they are currently on our old site, please find a direct link to our website site to download: Click here