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About us

My name is Duncan McDonald and I opened DIY Framing 2002.  It started as a sideline, to sell tools to framers alongside the successful gallery and framing business that I already had.  It was not long before DIY Framing overtook the framing business and grew into a thriving entity itself.  Having been a 'hobby framer' I knew that equipment, materials and training were not that easy to find so it was inevitable that my business would be popular.  My aim was to be approachable, to let people ask the silly questions that they had and to help everyone that wanted to become a framer, or just to make frames for their own work.


My business has a number of distinct areas:



DIY Framing


DIY Framing

This is the core business, an online shop for Framers at all levels. Offering materials, equipment, hardware and consumables for framing and mounting.  You obviously know this since you are here, but there are other things you may not know.  I am happy to sell a few D rings or a carton of moulding, and this goes through the whole business - it is whatever you want it to be, a supplier to 'hobby' framers like I used to be or a trade supplier to professionals.




The UK School of Framing


UK School Of Framing

Having supplied equipment and materials to people interested in making picture frames it was the obvious prgression to start training them how to use them too.  The UK School of framing offers courses at all levels and also in specialist fields like box framing, framing sport's shirts and conservation work.

The UK School of Framing is not tied to High Wycombe, there are courses run in locations from the far south west right up to Scotland. 




All About Framing


All About Framing

All About Framing is a new company, established to form an umbrella for the others.  It is a showroom in High Wycombe with teaching facilities and a well stocked shop and warehouse, it also houses a gallery where artists are able to have exhibitions, showing how framing is not just about mounts and mouldings.