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All About Framings Charity


In 2011 I visited Mombasa with my family, we stayed at the very best hotel in Diani Beach. I wanted to show my two sons what the real Africa looked like so I asked a security guard at the hotel if we could visit his home which he agreed. Conditions they lived in were very poor which shocked my sons, anyway to cut a long story short by the end of the trip I arranged to sponsor Vincent and Caroline's first son through school, and then later their daughter. 6 years on we are still in contact and the children and our wonderful friends are doing well.

The Nandi Project

In October (2016) partner Petra & I spent a week with them at their family home in Kipsamoite, in Nandi Province. It was a dream of ours to start a charitable project in another country and here in Kipsamoite we saw an opportunity to help refurbish the village school (250 pupils) which is totally dilapidated and run down.


We started in Jan 2017 by building a staff room and a classroom (total cost £2834) from an abandon project started by the villagers 5-6 years previously the build took us just 2 months. We raised the money to complete this first phase through our friends & relatives which was so successful it gave almost enough (£2538 left) to build another 2 classrooms and an admin block. This has since been added to buy various events and sponsorship and we are hoping to complete phase two by the end of 2018 having now raised a total of £7500.

Every penny counts

All our input is self-funded, including flights & hotels etc so every single penny raised goes to the project. All the laborers and craftsmen are recruited from within the village, money is released only once each costed part of the works is completed and everything is recorded in a full set of accounts.

Future Fundraising

We are looking for anyone who would be interested in helping us rebuild the school and hence making the future of these children more positive through education.

Our long-term intention is to continue the building program then introduce a few other initiatives;

· 12 class rooms

· an administration block for staff

· sink a well so fresh drinking water can be provided

· install a toilet block & hygiene program

· build a new kitchen to support a school dinner scheme.

· introduce a child sponsor program

We believe that all this can be achieved for around £30,000 (not including the well!) so on the positive side of things we are 25% of the way there!

And the dream for the future.

When I arrived at the school they asked me to teach the children a song, not having a great repertoire I plumped for Frank Sinatra’s High Hopes it seemed fairly apt, a small ant moving a big rubber tree plant etc. etc. Now we have spent some time in the village and this message is filtering through from the children to the adults they to want to learn and improve their lives through self-help programs and adult education. Making it a village of hope and possibilities, this will continue to be an amazing project one Petra and I intend to see through whatever it takes. At least it seems we are at last starting to shift that rubber tree plant just a little, so come and join us to make the pushing easier.