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3D Framing Voucher - 1 Day Course


Once you grasp how to build frames, you will become more adventurous. With memorabilia and souvenirs increasing in popularity, people want to find ways of framing all sorts of objects. For some it is a simple matter of displaying things they like, for others it is adding value to saleable items. The simple solution is to build a box frame. This course takes you through many of the underlying principles of this type of project as well as guiding you through a specific project to illustrate it.

This type of framing also allows the framer to indulge their own creativity and cunning as they can produce unique and decoratively displayed exhibits.

Through clear explanation, demonstration and your own "hands on" practice, you will learn about general principles:

1. The concept of shadow box frames, their uses and construction.
2. How objects and collectibles can be displayed
3. How to create depth in a frame and how to display some items

£ 180.00 inc VAT

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