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Framing Kits

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Basic Framing kit


Looking for a basic kit to get you framing straight away? Well you've found it!

The Basic Framing kit has been designed to be used along side the chop service and router service (easy joining solution). It works in 5 simple steps:

1. Purchase your chop serviced Moulding online (remember to tick "Router Service")
2. When you receive your chop service, tap in the wedges that are supplied with your router service with your Pin Hammer
3. Cut your glass with the toyo glass cutter supplied in kit
4. Cut your mount and backing board on the mount cutter
5. Use the tab gun to fire the pins into the back of the frame to hold the contents in.

The kit includes:

1 x 301 Mount Cutter
1 x Toyo Glass Cutter
1 x Pin Hammer
1 x Tab Gun
1 x Tab gun Tabs

A simple kit for framers, artists and photographers

£ 199.00 inc VAT

in stock