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Conservation Framing Voucher - 1 Day Course


This type of framing project represents a top quality framing solution. The principles taught are based on the criteria demanded in Conservation Framing by the Fine Arts Trade Guild. As a consequence, the emphasis of this training is to develop an awareness of conservation requirements when framing.

You will learn about 4 important principles:
1. Choice of framing materials
2. Creating a barrier to defined contaminants
3. Reversibility of any actions taken
4. Handling and caring for artwork throughout the framing process

You will follow a framing process where, at each stage, the implications of conservation requirements will be illustrated and solutions demonstrated. You will then put this into practice through your own framing project. You will find that, as well as knowing how to frame more valuable pieces of work with increased confidence, you will acquire a whole range of skills, techniques and ideas that will help with many other framing projects.

Skills of specific importance in conservation framing will be developed. These include:

1. Choice of mountboard for conservation
2. Creating a mount package with a hinged window mount
3. Methods of attachment of artwork (emphasis on being able to reverse a process, using minimal contact)
4. Creating a "sealed environment" for artwork (including glazing)
5. Adding a dust cover to the back of the framed package
6. Providing a pocket for provenance or informationabout artwork

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