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Econospace 3 mm x 1.5m length


EconoSpace clear spacer strips are a hollow rectangular section of acid-free polymer, with acrylic adhesive on one face. Four different, with air spaces from 1.5mm up to 9.5mm. All strips are 4mm wide.

Easy to cut to length and stick to the underside of the glass. Satin finish on one side and glossy on the other. Glass should be cut accurately. Clean glass first, and apply flush with edge. Ideal for spacing unmounted tapestries away from glass.

Extruded from acid-free polymers with no plasticisers. Help you create a space between the artwork and the glass to minimise possible damage to the paper caused by coming into contact with moisture on the underside of the glass.

Useful Guidance:
PAPER CONSERVATION: When an image is in contact with the glass, condensation can be absorbed by the paper and cause discoloration and deterioration. Spacers are essential when framing without a mount.

SHADOW BOXES: Use them when framing an embossed or heavily textured print, or a small object.

1 x 3.0 mm strips (1.524 m)

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