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Framing Kits

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Hobby Starter KIT


This kit has all the elements needed for you to get started with picture framing.
It features all the essential tools enabling you to cut mounts, cut and join picture frame moulding, cut glass and assemble completed framing projects.

This is the first of our kit range and is aimed at those home framers working on occasional pieces of framing but where good quality is important. It provides the type of kit used on our basics of framing / mount cutting & decoration courses. SAVE over £100.00 as a kit.

Kit components are:

Logan Compact 350 Elite Mount Cutter
Nobex Promaster Framing Kit + Replacement Blade
Logan Studio Joiner
Toyo Glass Cutter
Logan 24" Adapt-a-Rule
Tab Gun & Tabs

£ 499.00 inc VAT

in stock

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