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Mitre Trimmer / Moulding Guillotine


A mitre trimmer is used to give the perfect mitre finish to sawn ends of moulding sections.

If there is one element of the framing process that is essential, it is accurately finished mitre cuts. Without these, it will be impossible to create top quality frames. The best solution is to use a mitre trimmer to finish off mitres perfectly.

Made from heavy machined cast iron, this trimmer is designed for picture framers and carpenters. The fences lock at 45 degrees and 90 degrees with stops on adjustable cams, so spot on accuracy can be assured every time. They can also be set at other angles by means of a thumb screw. This plane/mitre machine will handle cuts up to 15 cm (6") wide or 10 cm (4") high. The limits to height and width are set by the cutters, which are skewed to give a shearing action.

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