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Double Sided Tape

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PH7-70 Double Sided ATG Tape - 19mm x 30m


This is a permanent, double sided Adhesive Transfer Gun (ATG) tape.

It is a water based acrylic system, which will not react with sensitive papers. Because it is an acid free adhesive (neutral pH of 7.7), it is also suitable for use in some parts conservation framing work.

Other features are:

1. High initial tack
2. The adhesive is non ageing and will not turn yellow
3. Smooth roll on will fit adhesive transfer gun.

Ideal for adhering mats, moulding artwork and attaching dust covers. Recommended for "conservation" framing projects.

Although more time consuming, the tape can also be applied by hand, without the gun.

£ 12.24 inc VAT

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