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Plexiglass screens and attachments

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Plexiglass Screens - 60x75cm


The STAS standing plexiglass screen is made of high-quality plexiglass of 4 mm thick with the highest transparency for the least possible blurred vision. Ideal for the office, desk, cash register, reception or counter. The screen has protective film on both sides and is easy to place in the pedestals (not included, order them separately). The result is a professional separation between employees and customers / visitors with a transparent screen that is tight and stable. The screen can also be tilted a quarter turn so that the width and height of the screen are reversed.

Plexiglas is not a type of glass, but a plastic. Plexiglass is very clear and transparent, and is often used as an alternative to glass plates. The clear plexiglass has a very high light transmission of 92%. Plexiglas is also called perspex, acrylic glass, or acrylic.

Screen size: 600mm x 750mm

Feet not included

£ 100.00 inc VAT

in stock

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