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Adhesive Spray

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Tesa Permanent Spray Adhesive 500ml


Tesa Spray Glue Permanent is a spray adhesive for large surfaces. It offers extra stong bonding for typical household materials such as paper or cardboard.

Main features:

1. For clean, economical, secure and fast bonding of large areas
2. Suitable for light and medium-weight materials with slightly uneven surfaces
3. Finely and evenly dispersion of glue
4. Fast drying
5. Resistant to damp and temperature from -20°C up to +60°C
6. Suitable for Styrofoam®
7. Free from silicone

Product description:

tesa® Spray Glue Permanent is a versatile spray adhesive matching a wide range of light and medium-weight materials. Best results are achieved in combination with materials like paper, cardboard, felt, plastic foils, photos, textiles and fabric of any sort, glass, rubber, wood, ceramic, cork, plastics, leather, metal, porcelain, stone or cellular rubber. Applied to large surfaces it works like a super glue and delivers permanent bonding. Use it as a spray glue for handicraft, DIY repairs, renovating your home and giving your furniture an individual touch.

Synthetic rubber based. Reverse with lighter fluid.

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